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Product And Service Launch Marketing are really two types of traffic one is called direct response marketing and that's what StandGlobe Enterprises advocating here by building a funnel. StandGlobe Enterprises can measure the number of people, who complete each step versus the other one is called Brand Awareness Advertising or Product And Service Launch Marketing. StandGlobe Enterprises is basically just blasting your message out there and hoping to get return so what StandGlobe Enterprises saying here is not to do that but instead to build a funnel and be more scientific about your advertising so you can see on the right-hand side here. What StandGlobe Enterprises mean by funnel? It's a process of steps that users follow when they're downloading and moving towards your main objective, which might be to purchase the paid version of your Product & Service but basically you need to measure the number of people at each step and that number will always decrease or stay the same so it's always shaped like a funnel. So the first step is that people will view your ad and then the next step will be that people click on the ad and then they're going to see your product and service, if they feel like it and then for this funnel.
StandGlobe Enterprises imagining some sort of timer Product And Service, where there is a paid version they can unlock. so hopefully after they saw your product and service, they're going to create a timer. In this timer app and then if they like the product and service. They might purchase the product and service, if they want to unlock additional features or something like that. So when you're building a funnel ROI is your main objective and ROI stands for return on investment and all that really means is that if you put a certain amount of money into advertising you want to get an amount greater than or equal to that out. If you're spending Rs-500 on advertising you want to get Rs-500 or more in purchases for your app. When StandGlobe Enterprises building your ad traffic funnel. We focus on that return on investment because that's really the measure of your success here and our funnel should ideally be 10 or less steps. Any more than that and it gets too complex and it's too hard to diagnose problems in this funnels.

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When StandGlobe Enterprises was taking any task for Promoting Mobile App Business, StandGlobe Enterprises was searching for keywords related to mobile apps. StandGlobe Enterprises typed in mobile app space A and then StandGlobe Enterprises saw, if there were any relevant keywords for a that were popular. StandGlobe Enterprises backs based on A type, then  B and then C. StandGlobe Enterprises got all the way to M and StandGlobe Enterprises found Mobile App Marketing was a keyword which was searched 2,400 times per month. That's the keyword that StandGlobe Enterprises targeting. Similarly on the App Store and the Google Play Store, StandGlobe Enterprises simply type in your words. StandGlobe Enterprises know kitchen space A or kitchen space B or cooking space A, cooking space B and just see what autocompletes and try and identify different keywords that your app could rank for that are relevant to your app and your niche and then once StandGlobe Enterprises have made this big list of keywords.
StandGlobe Enterprises going to use these keywords in your app description, in your app title hopefully and in general anywhere where StandGlobe Enterprises configuring information about your app. In any blog articles StandGlobe Enterprises write about your app on any YouTube videos. StandGlobe Enterprises making about your app by using those keywords in your app title, tags and description. StandGlobe Enterprises are going to get found a lot more organically, using this search traffic method mobile app marketing strategy.

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StandGlobe Enterprises is going to be to get referral traffic and one great way to measure this is to improve your viral coefficient. What StandGlobe Enterprises are trying to do here is increase the sharing of your app. StandGlobe Enterprises might be able to increase your sharing by providing incentives for people to share like Dropbox. StandGlobe Enterprises are giving people a reason to share instead of just begging and hoping that, they're going to share. Another point here is that the earlier you ask people to share the more people are going to share and that might help you get your viral coefficient greater than one. If you're trying to grow a YouTube channel to promote your app content then you could you know make videos in collaboration with other people and kind of take advantage of their audience and you kind of boost each other up so you pretty much find similar brands and related absent content that you can embed your app or your something related to your app into like a blog post or a video or even just a link to your app embed that in similar apps and brands and then you can take advantage of the referral traffic that comes from their mobile app marketing strategy.

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Account-based marketing, what is it, when I think about it, let's say I want to work with StandGlobe Enterprises. Why would you want to switch to account-based marketing now? If I want to get into StandGlobe Enterprises today, maybe StandGlobe Enterprises doesn't, maybe they have a few people in their marketing team, and maybe they have software, and I want to reach out to their digital marketing team, and I want to reach four people from their team and instead go for one. I track several people from his team and go to the account. I'm not just reaching out to one person, is that really account-based marketing?
I'm going to give you an example of how we do it today in a single ring. We do the following: if we say that StandGlobe Enterprises visits our website and two people with two IP addresses from StandGlobe Enterprises visit our website. What we'll do then is find four people from your marketing team, because we don't know exactly who visited them, but we will find those people and contact them to let them know that we noticed that you visited.
account-based marketing is an approach, where I search for the email addresses that I identified using this loop, I put together. I do this automatically and encourage people to consume more content. I add more value to them and this is how I do account-based marketing the right way.
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StandGlobe Enterprises does account-based marketing will surely hit your goals. StandGlobe Enterprises goes on, on, on, on, until you finally know you are kneeling down and talking. StandGlobe Enterprises speaks well because up to this point they've been bothering them, it definitely can and does work. The numbers work great after you've hit sales, and if you come up with a different way to add value and see more of this sales consultant it will help. Account marketing has become more popular in recent years. StandGlobe Enterprises just said all the time, come and buy my stuff right, so again account-based marketing and the high standard, just to simplify, is that you don't just end up with one person on an account, you end up on multiple accounts , make it an account-based brand. This is no longer just individual marketing.