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What are the 7 simple tips to optimize your facebook?

1. Description, You can access your description field so click on settings then click on page info and here's where you can add your short description as you can see here StandGlobe Enterprises - Social Media Optimisation Services Company got helping businesses and individuals from around the world create compelling and effective messages to grow their business and expand their brand also while the main description field will limit you to 250 characters. Your business story section will let you tell more about your business. This is very useful because the more original text you have here the more opportunities you get to rank your page for your business related search queries so you can use this field to for example add legal disclaimers or to add a short business FAQ or you can use it to describe your processes and services. You can also use this place to tell you founder story so there are many different things that you can write in this area. Here be sure to link your website address as well at the bottom and your social media accounts apart from the major components listed. There is more information that you can also add for example your business contact details like phone number and email your other social media accounts for example Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, snapchat.A brief list of your products your professional awards, if you have any and your services as well all right so now that you have completed all of your page details. 2. Select the best template Facebook offers, pre-made page templates to help you optimise your page so for example we have services shopping, the built in shopping tab which allows you to feature products on your Facebook. There is business venues nonprofits, politicians, restaurants and cafes. The template simply dictates the layouts of buttons and tabs that have been found most efficient for your specific business type. You can edit and customise them as much as you like. 3. Add a call to action button to your page. Your page is called to action button is located below your cover photo. You can choose a call to action from five main sections so look for one that's most relevant to your business so for example you have make a booking contact, you learn more about your business shop with you to customise your call to action button click it and select the appropriate button that you want to add then click on next so people can book with me directly on Facebook and receive reminders automatically so StandGlobe Enterprises - Social Media Managing Services Company want to click on this option then click on start setup. You can choose all of the different days and times that you want users to be able to book with you and then click on next all right so you can see here is the button and this is where people can make appointments and book sessions with me. 4. Add page tabs to promote your products and services. By default Facebook will set up your page with a standard navigation menu on the left hand side you have the option to customise these as you like by clicking on settings and select the template and tabs option. If you scroll down you will see a list of default options available in your current menu to change the ordering simply drag and drop the menu tab you want to move by clicking on the three horizontal lines. A clean and easy navigation menu that StandGlobe Enterprises - Leading SMO Services Company have on StandGlobe Enterprises website is home of course which is standard and default then we have services so StandGlobe Enterprises - SMO Services Company offer business coaching. One-on-one business coaching and of course people can click see all to find out more about this service. 5. Reviews, See StandGlobe Enterprises - SMO Services Company Uttarakhand have one person so far who has recommended my page and also my youtube channel so if we scroll down here you see posts and this is my most recent post. We can also pin my most important post right at the top here so that new visitors get to see the very best of my content to do that we simply click on the three dots here and then click on pin to top of page nearly all potential customers consult online ratings and reviews before making approaches. We are one of those customers and we have noticed that Facebook reviews tend to be more positive than those on other platforms, this may be due to the fact that Facebook is a very personal platform. People don't really go there to vent their frustrations at companies on the contrary they are there to talk to family and friends that being said however Facebook is perfect for publicising your customer reviews to do that go to settings click on templates and tabs scroll down and here at the reviews tab click on settings so if it is off click on the blank space here to turn it on and then click on save. 6. Optimise your general tab click on settings, on the top right hand corner so while you're working on your business page. StandGlobe Enterprises - Leading SMO Services Company Uttarakhand recommend that you unpublished your page until, it is ready. You can do this by clicking on edit on publish and then click on Save Changes and then next and unpublished next let's go to visitors post. We recommend this able posts by other people will review posts by other people before they are published to your page. This just makes sure that you don't get any spammy posts on your page. 7. The profanity filter and click on strong or medium, so Facebook will regulate the use of profanity used on your page. Finally if you don't want Facebook to post every single update that you do on your page in your feed than you have to disable. Update and engage no optimisation tactic can save your Facebook page unless you update, it often and engage with your audience so here are a few audience building hacks you can try number one ask questions to engage your followers in the sky also upload short well edited videos. You can also stream live videos from virtual events and you can regularly upload images such as collages infographics quotes team photos and so much more.

What is Chat BOTS? benefits of chatbot?

Current trend for Digital Marketing Services is the chat BOTS. Chat BOTS will power up to 85 percent by 2020 this AI base technology uses instant messaging to chat in real-time with your website visitors or customers I think most of you know how chat BOTS work so nowadays almost 30 percent of the tasks are fulfilled by the chat BOTS company use chat BOTS to provide services like customer support generating information and many more with examples like Siri, Alexa. It becomes clear how chat BOTS can make a difference in our lives every day and also this chat bot is also known as a chat abort bought artificial agent and so on. "This is basically a software program driven by a professional intelligence which serves the purpose of making a conversation with the user in the form of text or speech." StandGlobe Enterprises - Digital Marketing Agency Uttarakhand mentioned it is mainly for building a conversation with the user and responding to their queries it mainly helps in answering. It also helps in very accurately recalling your entire pie in history but most often these are used to answer simple questions or help a user accomplish a simple task so this is also one of the latest trends at the market right now.

what is video marketing? benefits of video marketing for small businesses?

Video Marketing is one of the most famous and most important market trends today and is likely to continue for the next five to ten years. StandGlobe Enterprises - Digital Marketing think most of the viewers out there know the value of a video. The marketing channels will definitely include social media marketing which is a very wide platform also in addition to this 52% of consumers see that watching product videos make them more confident in online purchase decisions. Video plays an important role guys here. StandGlobe Enterprises - Online Marketing can read a lot about anything that is happening throughout the world but watching a video is equivalent to reading 10 books and also the fun fact is that by 2020. Just the marketing videos will make up to more than 85 percent of all the consumers over the Internet traffic in the u.s as well as in India. StandGlobe Enterprises - Google Digital Marketing say in video marketing YouTube is not the only way to achieve traffic. When you're talking about video marketing in terms of digital marketing YouTube is not the only way you can achieve traffic right that plenty of ways to drive higher engagement ratio. In terms of video marketing as you have all the chances of making a small video post or start a live broadcast on either any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or so on.