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StandGlobe Enterprises - WhatsApp and SMS Marketing Service Company

StandGlobe Enterprises - WhatsApp and SMS Marketing Service Company

Here StandGlobe Enterprises - WhatsApp Marketing Service Company talking about why do you need WhatsApp marketing?
WhatsApp is a useful and powerful messaging app, that anyone can use be it for personal use and also for business purposes. If you want to use a messaging app for connecting with your friends and family you can download the WhatsApp messaging personal app, and for business purposes you can download the WhatsApp business app to showcase your business profile and connect directly with their customers or potential customers that you're winning over to convert them as your regular customers. When you use the WhatsApp personal app sending too many messages might put your account at risk. This is where WhatsApp business is better to use showcasing your business is possible on the WhatsApp business app. You can use features, such as the status to show a demo on your product and remember to build a trusting relationship with your regular and potential customers give value. Don't make every message you send them about making a sale or you might risk losing your potential customers. You can even use the WhatsApp web by going to if you want to sync your WhatsApp mobile app on your computer. Doing this will allow you to compose your messages using your computer's keyboard rather than typing on your mobile phone. You can quickly compose messages, send photos and any media from your computer WhatsApp web mirrors your WhatsApp personal app on your mobile phone, it saves you time when you are busy working on your computer.

According to StandGlobe Enterprises - WhatsApp Marketing Service Company Uttarakhand are more than one billion active users on WhatsApp. It's also the most widely used messaging app today. It's a free platform that anyone can use to send messages to anyone under WhatsApp contact lists. WhatsApp is the most popular messenger application that is widely used globally. StandGlobe Enterprises - Best WhatsApp Marketing Service Company can take a look at the number of people, who use WhatsApp.

StandGlobe Enterprises - Benefits WhatsApp of Marketing Service Company

As per StandGlobe Enterprises - Best WhatsApp Marketing Service Company Uttarakhand, WhatsApp became the tool for communication in people. It's communicate fast with the help of messaging services and lot of active users are making use of the features of WhatsApp and smart businesses are using it's to the benefit of their business. There are lots of ways you can use WhatsApp as one of your marketing strategies, you can provide fast and real-time customer service to your customers, you can get in touch with their customers and respond to their inquiries and solve their issues right away. Doing this will help your customers experience great support from your business after purchase support is important for customers. If your product is great but then your customer support is bad especially, when complaints arise, it will make your business be rated low by your customers it will ruin your business's good reputation by word of mouth and bad reviews turning off your potential customers send exclusive discounts on WhatsApp. If you have a list of customers and they are aware that your business does have a WhatsApp account, you can use it to send exclusive offers and promotions to your customers. In addition you can send vouchers or coupons as discount privileges to encourage your customers to purchase the products or services that you offer, as they will get a huge discount people love getting discounts. Even if they don't need your products or services yet offering coupons where they can get huge discounts will urge them to buy from you send creative promotions to your contact list.

whatsapp is not limited to sending plain text messages to people on your list, you can send messages as videos which you can use to promote new products or services as people love watching videos then, reading text based products or still photo promotions. You can also share pictures that you have created for a particular campaign for an upcoming product, that your customers can look forward to you can also share voice messages if you prefer sending recorded voice messages especially, if you're in a hurry ask for reviews and ratings. You can use whatsapp to ask your customers to give a review of a product or service that they have experienced or used from your business.


  • Personal Touch: Voice message has greater emotions compared to text; hence a more personal way of communicating.

  • Reach out to large Indian target audience which is not well versed in English language.

  • Complete real-time reporting to measure the response of the campaign.

  • Voice SMS is handset or SIM independent, hence can be used universally for all mobile and Landline users.

  • Extremely helpful for marketers who want to promote their products/services in rural market


1. Promotional Voice Call

“Promotional Voice Call” means message containing promotional material or advertisement of a product or service.


  • Voice Call Will not get delivered on DND Numbers

  • Delivery between 9am to 9pm Only

  • 30 Sec = 1 call

2. Transactional Voice Call

“Transnational Voice Call” means an Call containing only—

  • information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company or Access Provider pertaining to the account of that customer(s);

  • information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation;

  • information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students;

  • any other call as may be specified by the Authority, from time to time as “Transnational Call”


  • Voice Call will be delivered on DND numbers (Opt in Proof will be required in case of any DND complaint)

  • 24*7 Voice Call delivery

  • 1 Year Validity